Monday, July 23, 2007


For those of you who have never used it, is a great site to find instant ass. No, I'm not doing a plug for or getting paid by the site, I simply believe that it's very good at what it is meant for: hookups. Quick hookups. While Craigslist is also a good tool for the quick fuck (and, even better, it's free), the disparity in quality from what you see at the front door is quite large: with Craigslist, it is very much a situation of "buyer beware". Oy.

As I finished up the weekend, cleaning the house, walking the dog, and reading my newest book, I reflected over the last month and realized there'd been a large decrease in the quantity of sex in comparison to a normal month. Family visits, travel, work... all had distracted me in one manner or another from getting laid. I needed, in short, some major ass.

I was whining to Zane about it over dinner at La Spiga and he jokingly recommended that I go find an orgy. Or, he laughed, just hit Club Seattle. Sleeping around having gay sex is risky enough, condoms don't protect against everything after all, but the notion of using a bathhouse made my skin crawl. Literally.

I'd also steadfastly refused to attend orgies. I'd done them before, I definitely enjoyed threesomes and the occasional small group, but the larger room-fulls of naked men didn't do much for me. Too hard to focus and getting mobbed by fucking nasty old men was never fun. So, while I didn't entertain the notion of a bathhouse romp and quickly dismissed the concept of a saturnalia style soiree, there was nonetheless something about the thought of a night or weekend full of ass-a-plenty that appealed to me. Especially considering my recent lull in fornicating fun.

As I sat there, a bit quieter than before, an idea began to form in my mind. If I got a room at the Hyatt, god bless the military rates and the gold card membership perks, I could schedule fuck after fuck after fuck. Have my own little base of operations, relax in between and just work on pounding the shit out of each guy who entered my room. With such a setup I could get as much ass as I could want.


So, I sat there, planning the implementation of this grand scheme and, after I got home, began to find the guys. I started by using different screen names (people notice when you are constantly on the same name trolling for sex and gossip about it) and setting up the fucks on several different sites., Manhunt, M4M, Craigslist... the Internet made it especially easy to get laid when you truly wanted to.

I've got the room, starting to get some contacts and holes lined up, now I just have to make it through the week and get started on pounding 10 or 20 dudes.

Fuck yeah, this is gonna be sweet!


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