Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Getting jiggy and bustin' rhymes

A lot of the blogs out there are short, and to the point. They aren't exciting to read, often listing activities with the same flair and acumen of a grocery list. "Today I did A, then B, finally C". Even when they talk about sex. There is little to no detail, the grammar is horrible, and often times the picture that forms in your mind... well, lets just say it's not something I'd care to witness.

But describing in detail (my posts are typically 3-6 pages in MS Word before I cut and paste them into the Blogger interface) is both time consuming and occasionally frustrating. You'd think that talking about what happened that day, that week, or some topic on your mind, the words would flow out and onto the screen.

It doesn't quite work that way.

Regardless, be it writers block, frustration on how to or not to say something, or how to make an exciting day actually exciting to read, is far more challenging than people think.

Fun times.

Anyway, I wanted to break out of the same routine, that creative rut, and describe the last day in a different venue.


Mike Gets Game

So I sat there with my laptop
A hot hole that'd allow a quick stop
To let my dick in, lets hurry, begin,
I just needed someone to fuck.

On Manhunt I searched long and hard
But today it seemed whales of lard
No hot guys or thin, just a LITTLE bit trim?
I was begining to fret I'd get none.

And then 'lo and behold I saw Tim
6 foot but you could tell he knew Gym
So I asked him "wassup", said hurry lets fuck
I need to unwind and let loose.

So away he left in a flash
to my place his hot ass did dash
I let him inside, said shut up and dive
and fall on my dick with a slurp.

His cocksucking wasn't too bad;
Not great, yet a decent enough lad
So I picked upright and to bed we went right
His hot hole the focus for now.

Naked he sat, face serene
While I munched on his hole oh so clean
I lubed him up well, slick as all hell
To take my big cock in a thrust.

So Magnum went on in a roll
One thrust and he moaned like a troll
Such miserable grunts, I hoped he did shut
His annoying mouth while he I did fuck.

I ignored him and got into my groove
Such beauty unmatched by the Louvre
I pumped his hole hard, and pounding my shard
To release while I fucked his tight cunt.

So I finished it up for the night
Said thanks and his ass I slapped light
I showed him the door, said thanks but no more
I got what I wanted this night.

Anyway, hopefully that showed my Tuesday evening in a bit more interesting manner.

You have any idea how hard it is rhyming out a fuck?

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Baltimorean said...

love it! u are so awesome, mike. u've got some real talent there. good job.

Anonymous said...

duuuude that is fucking hillarious! I've never seen something like that talking about a fuck haha

j said...


Funny poem

I think I know the Tim... Sounds very familiar


Anonymous said...

Mike, WTF?!? I don't know what to think of this....its hilarious and so fucking wrong. I feel like I'm going to hell for reading it; well, maybe not for reading it as much as laughing my ass off.


AdamX said...

Ooh.. Now we need you to experiment with poetic styles.

How about alliterative poetry (Middle-English).

Oooh.. or Limerick!

I'm getting hot just thinking of the possibilities!

Nick said...

I never knew poetry could be a turn on but hey! well done!

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