Thursday, August 2, 2007

Weekend of Sexual Indulgence, Finale

Other than resting my chaffed cock from a weekend of overindulgence, I haven't really been doing much. Monday I went to work, hit the gym, went home and talked to the family on the phone. I fell asleep watching "Independence Day", just because I could. Tuesday, the same basic routine, only I had to fend off the married guy I'd fucked from my gym last week after he made serious advances during my routine. He was still hot, and I was willing to fuck, just not then. I took Shade for a long run when I got home, and called it a night.

So, now it's Thursday. The weather is beautiful, the weatherman forecasted 86 F today, and I'm stuck cleaning weapons after a range. Tons of fun. Nothing like scrubbing carbon buildup out of a machine gun all day long to get your heart racing. Woo.

To save time later tonight, not that I don't enjoy writing this, I brought my laptop to work and am writing this periodically throughout the day. If there are present/past tense issues, that’s why. Deal with it.

Saturday, if you read my last blog, was a mixed day. While I'd gotten good head from Jorge, and an amazingly good romp from Brandon, I finished the day with merely average-to-mediocre sex from the next three and was flaked on by Shawn. Those Tacoma guys, fucking weird.

Needless to say, the mixed results from Saturday had me mildly apprehensive as to what to expect for Sunday.

I'd only scheduled two guys that day. I figured, even though I'd not been having great sex, the frequency counted for something. I was still, at least, getting my nut off. I hoped that I would manage at least one more Brandon quality fuck and finish up the weekend on a high note.

The first boy on the schedule was Justin. Funny name, Justin. I had six Justin's in my phone, and every single one was a homo. Come to think of it, I don't even know a straight Justin. Very weird. Anyway, he was a tiny bit taller than me, something I typically don't find attractive, but with a nicely lean, clean look to his body. Just over 6'1" or so, 180 pounds, he was "flingable"; I could manhandle and fling him all over the bed. Very nice. He had dirty blond hair, starting to recede, hazel eyes, and some really hot tattoos. The pics definitely had me ready and willing to flip him over and use his tan backside.

Then there was Dave. Homos definitely seem to have common and boring names. Sheesh. He was sketchy; didn't want to give many pictures, refused to send a face pic, which traditionally would be an automatic "ignore" sign, and was light on details beyond basic stats. The 4 body pics that he’d sent, however, had me going against my doubts and scheduling him anyway. He was my favorite height, 5'9", with a perfectly formed, toned body. I could, literally, find no flaw. I figured what the hell, the worst that could happen would be that I had to boot him out, and penned him in as my last fuck of the weekend.

Nothing is as easy as you plan, however.

I’d again left the door propped open and was waiting on the bed in just a pair of boxers. When I heard a slight tap, and then the door opened I had my first sight of him. He was everything his pictures led me to believe. He almost ran for the bed, and as we grabbed each other it took all of 4 seconds before we were tearing clothes off. As I flipped him ass up and started to rub and nibble my way down towards his ass, I could smell he'd freshly showered. I inspected his hole and was pleased to find he'd also freshly steam cleaned it as well. Thank the lord! Bottoms up!

So there I was, hands spreading Justin's ass cheeks, munching his salad when I heard footsteps behind me. I turned around, and standing there was a young 20-something guy. Judging from the body displayed beneath the almost non-existent tank top and shorts, it could only have been Dave. Fuck.


I sat there, body still facing Justin's upraised hole, hands spreading his cheeks, while both of our heads were turned around staring at the newcomer. He finally spoke.

"Um... you told me to come over at 10... were we doing a three? I didn't know that's what you wanted..." he said as he wrung his hands.

I jumped up, went over to the kid, put my arm around his shoulder and steered him towards the bed.

"Actually," I said, deciding to be blunt, "I sent you the wrong time. Sorry about that. We would both, however, love to have you join us. You're fucking hot, bro, and we're game to play." Justin enthusiastically nodded his head. The greedy whore was nearly salivating at the thought of getting double stuffed. Which was an amusing thought. As if I would bring in another top, Jesus.

He seemed to hesitate a bit, but between my hands massaging his ass and Justin proactively taking his cock out to slurp it down, his inhibitions melted rapidly. He stood there, for a quick minute, eyes closed, swaying like a reed in high breeze, and then he was suddenly naked and making out with Justin.

There is a god. Fuck yes!

So my two bottoms were making out, Dave on top, and I resumed my earlier activity. This time I was focused upon Dave. I inspected his pucker, checking for cleanliness and my no dangling skin requirement and was enormously pleased to find a perfect pucker staring at me. I spread, took an initial whiff, and happily dived in. Damn, he was good. And tight! He was so sterile that he could have scrubbed with steel wool. Excellent.

While I munched on his hole, two and a half days of stubble rubbing his tender area while my tongue probed his insides, I used my right hand to sneak under Justin, fingers sliding into his spit lubed hole and searching for his prostate. I'm a pretty big guy; I have decently large hands. The wet, breathy noises that started coming from the boys beneath me were evidence I was doing something right. Moaning bottoms, is there anything hotter?

I stopped fingering Justin and, as I continued to munch Dave's hole, reached for the rubber I'd set aside earlier and slid it over my pole. Poor Dave only knew that one moment he was moaning and writhing as I tongued his 'bud and the next I had half of my cock rammed up his hole. He was tight; the invasion was quite a surprise. The kid took it like a man, though, and while he grunted in pain and tensed up, he didn't make an effort to squirm away or fight my tool.

There is nothing hotter to me than a tight bottom who takes a fucking like a real man. That's fucking hot shit.

I settled my weight so that half was resting on his ass, the other half on my arms, settling in a semi-pushup type position and sunk my cock slowly into his hole. As I reached bottom, I could hear and feel his staggered breathing. I bottomed out in his hole and his body quivered. Nice. Justin, meanwhile, was grinning like a madman at the bottom of the pile. He loved every second of it.

I stayed there a minute, most likely about 14 seconds, allowing him to get used to me, before I withdrew three-quarters of my cock and slammed it back in. Withdraw, pause, slam. Withdraw, pause, slam. I kept a slow, but hard and deep rhythm that had both of them moaning and panting for me to fuck him. Hard. "Harder, goddamnit, fuck me like a man!" he yelled.

Heh. Little boy had no idea what he was getting himself into.

I picked him up, sitting up on my knees, and flipped him around so that he faced me. Holding him by the ass and thighs, I held his weight completely while allowing his ass to sink just low enough that I could pierce his hole. Instantly, I started to slam my pelvis upwards. This position, hard to do without a lot of upper body strength, left the bottom completely exposed. If you spread his legs wide, you become hard pressed to find a position which gives better access to really drill his hole.

And drill I did. With extreme prejudice. Hah!

Justin, not to be left out, twisted Dave's head to the side and started to make out with him. I sat there, watching my bottoms make out, while I just drilled the fuck out of Dave completely turned me on. It'd only been 15-20 minutes since I’d entered his hole, but I could already feel the orgasm building. Typically I hate blowing my nut if I haven't fucked for at least an hour. I like it long. Knowing that I had two willing, available holes who would stay until I was completely sated, however, gave me the freedom to cum at any time.

Gripping his thighs so hard I left bruises, I shoved my fully into his hole. I thrust my head forward, joining the two in a wet, moan filled three-way kiss as I shot my load into the rubber. I could feel Dave's cock against my groin, which was, curiously, jerking and pulsing every time my own cock pulsed out a shot of cum.

Fucking hot!

As I withdrew from his hole, both of them looked at me uncertainly with a, "are we done now?" look clear on their faces.

I pulled off the rubber without a word, grabbed a wet towel and cleaned off my cock. I grabbed Dave's neck, and forced his head down onto my tool as I reached for Justin with the other hand and pulled him into a kiss.

No my boys, the day was just beginning.

At some point I called the desk and made a bullshit excuse that necessitated a late checkout. They assured me it was no problem, and that I had until 1500.

Guess what time they left?

As I watched the now extremely loose bottoms walk out of the room in charity with each other, I grinned in satisfaction. I'd fucked plenty of hole over the weekend, managed an impromptu threesome, and had some awesome sex. True, it ended up costing me $500 in hotel and food charges, but, what the fuck. Nothing in life is free, right?

I totally have to do this again.


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Hot one M8

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damn, a top like you needs atleast two pussies around in bed cos you are a fucking animal :-)

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