Monday, July 16, 2007

Addendum, Sweet Addendum

In today’s blog I reported that it was a shaping up to be a “boring and tedious” day.

I was correct.

Mostly, I spent the day stuck alternating behind a desk and trying not to bash the heads of some of my idiot peers.

Sweet lord.

So, when I wrote that this morning, I was entirely correct. At least, so far as the workday went.

After I left work and headed towards Seattle for dinner with some friends, I got a phone call. Now, part of the problem with being a slut, is that sometimes you don’t keep as tight a track on the names and numbers of people you talk to or have sex with. I’m sure I can’t be the only guy who’s experienced this particular brand of shitty luck.

When the random, unknown Bellevue phone number popped up on my caller ID, I was a bit twitterpated about who could be on the other line. Sometimes…those calls don’t go as well as they could. Fucking needy, whiney bottoms.

I took a breath, thumbed on my phone with my right hand and calmly said, “hello?”

Instantly, I heard a chuckle and a soft, deep basso voice whisper, “you had no idea who was calling you, did you Mike?”

Hah, I did now!

Chris, my unexpected caller, was THE fuck of last year. The 29 year old construction worker, a ripped 6’, 180 odd pounds, shaved head, awesome tan and soft hazel eyes, was blessed with a completely unforgettable voice. I swear the man could make me cum just from whispering.

I chuckled into the phone and dryly replied, “You know how it is Chris. My phone can only hold a few hundred names. Can’t keep every lucky guy forever, right?”

With a laugh that put me at ease, I listened as Chris told me that he was in town, visiting family, and, most unfortunately, had no plans for the night. This night. Tonight. As in, he wants me to come over and spend the rest of the night plowing, eating, and generally happily abusing his hole.

I’m all ready to go. Now, to call Zane and tell him I may be a bit late…


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