Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Questions and Answers, Take 1

So, I've gotten two comments on postings and several e-mails since I started this blog. The comments were encouraging; the e-mails, not so much.

I thought for today, as the weather is nice and I am stuck inside an office at the moment with jack shit to do, I'd address what seem to be recurring questions and issues.

1) Question: "Are you for real?"
Yes. Just checked, pulse is still there.

2) Question: "Are you really an active duty Marine? Your blog looks too smart for it to be true."
This question has, by far, been asked most often. It pisses me the fuck off. A lot. For those of you out there who have a sterotype of Marines specifically and military personnel in general as being stupid and incompetent, I say F-U-C-K Y-O-U. While there are, I admit, people who aren't the brightest bulbs in the box, there are plenty Marines who have degrees and are extremely intelligent. Doubting my authenticity simply because I sound too smart, or too polished, is fucking ridiculous. I can write and I take pride in doing it well. It's that simple.

3) Question: "I know a bunch of military guys in Seattle, and I don't know you, and I know most of them - what gives?"
When I said I changed some details in order to keep my identity secret, I meant just that. I am not looking to give an over abundance of details to point fingers at any specific person (in most cases) or at myself. My free time is also evenly split between gay and straight groups of friends. The two do not intermix. Perhaps you haven't met me, or perhaps you have and simply do not know I'm military; I rarely advertise the fact. Regardless, if you do not like it, or think that I am fake because of it, that is your problem.

4) Question: "Can we fuck?"
Two people have asked this... and I don't really know how to reply. I didn't create this blog to get hookups, I get plenty of sex as it is. I suppose that could be a fringe benefit. Hmm. The biggest problem with meeting from my blog is that you would then be able to put who I am together with this site, something no one, as of now, can do. When I hook up a guy his only thought is that I'm hot. Typically I don't mention I'm a Marine and he knows and learns nothing else. I'm not certain I want people to be able to say "I JUST GOT STUFFED BY TOP MARINE" and put a face and name to the man. That said... I'll correspond with anyone and from there, who knows :-)

5) Question: "The pic on the site is that you?"
Yes. I had a friend Photoshop it so you can't make out my face. And no, you can not get a version with a face or with more detail.


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Timmy said...

I've been bloging for years. A good rule to keep in mind -- I don't give any value to annonymous comments. People who are not willing to put their name to their word don't rank in my book. Now some might say that you're copping out because you are annonymous. But all one has to do is read the news to see that you sharing who you really are could end your career. That's sad. Keep up the good work and let the crap slide.

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