Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Quickie and the Hospital

If you've ever heard the term "quickie", then you know the wide range of implications the word holds. Fast, typically sleazy, just-to-get-your-nut-off type of sex. This morning I had a quickie.

Last night, I got home, went through my routine at the gym where nothing even remotely exciting happened, went home, made a protein shake and two chicken breasts for dinner and proceeded to walk Shade. Fun. After my trott/walk with Shade, I took a shower and settled down for the night. Exciting, eh? I was more tired than I suspected; the next thing I knew, I was nearly leaping out of my skin as my alarm screeched it's wake up call. Remote still in hand, with a crick in my neck from how I'd propped myself up to watch TV in bed, I dragged myself out of bed and to the shower.

It was one of those mornings.

Today, fortunately, I was not expected at work. For those of you who don't know the greater Seattle or Puget Sound area and its military environs, allow me to briefly describe it. The Puget Sound area stretches from Olympia (the state Capitol) in the south to Everett just north of Seattle, for a total distance of roughly 75 miles. About 3 million or so people live in that stretch. This includes the 30,000 soldiers at Fort Lewis, 8,000 or so airmen at McChord Air Force Base, and another 25,000 or so squids (navy folk) and Marines at various locations around Puget Sound.

With base realignment and eyes on saving costs, new encouragement is placed on "joint" military infrastructure services. Typically, this means sharing facilities and resources where it is feasible, while typically inconvenient, to do so. The Army, unfortunately, has the largest medical facility in the region, known as MAMC for the Madigan Army Medical Center. For major repair work, surgeries, or specialties that aren't supported at your home installation, a servicemember travels to Fort Lewis and for treatment at Madigan. Such a fun trip. Today, I got to experience it first hand.

As I sat bored in a waiting room at Madigan, a thought came to mind. While I really didn't want to drive to Lewis in the first place, there were a number of cute guys stationed here that I've hooked up with in the past.

I pulled out my RAZR (I really need to upgrade to something better. I want an iPhone but they're so goddamned expensive, fuck), scrolled down to the FT L section of my phone book and scanned for the screen name I remembered as the best fuck. Hey, its hard to keep track solely by names. The Josh's or Joe's or Nick's... they all blur together given time, but I've found I tend to remember the screen names. Of the hot ones at least. Anyway, I hit dial after I highlighted "FT L hotbttm-redo", and by the second ring heard his voice.


"Hey bro, its Mike, *********** from Manhunt? I'm stuck at Madigan after driving a friend down (lie), and have some free time to kill...whatsup?"

"Hey Mike, been awhile! I'm actually at work. Weird, but I work at the Medical Mall attached to Madigan. Maybe 4 minutes' walk from you. Where you at?"

From there it was simply a matter of logistics. We agreed to meet at the Medical Mall's main atrium near the Pharmacy in 10 minutes. I ended the call, got up, and quickly told the receptionist I needed to use the latrine and would be back shortly. As they were backlogged due to some reason or another, my leaving wasn't an issue.

I headed down to the atrium and saw him standing near the wall, staring idly at a map of the hospital. I came up, clapped him on the back, and led him down the hall towards the Pharmacy. Taking care to ensure no one was paying us overt attention, we entered one of the many single-person lockable latrines. He opened his mouth to say something, but I was on a time crunch. I put my hands on his shoulders, pushed down hard and let him lick the front of my now bulging pants.

I leaned against the wall, hands on his head with my eyes closed, and just let him go to town. He unzipped my fly, reached in and pulled out my cock, licking the head and trying to tease me. I was having none of it: I grabbed his head, and he quickly opened up his mouth and throat to avoid my cock drilling a hole through his skull. Head tilted as far back as possible, eyes turned up at me in a glare, he looked up at me with a "you asshole" expression on his face. I just grinned back. He snorted, somehow, and it tickled the head of my shaft.

Fuck, yes. Nothing like good head in the morning.

And good he was. I stood there, up against the wall, enjoying and savoring every minute of his blowjob, hands ramming my cock in and out of his throat so fast I was shocked he could still breath. During one particularly violent thrust, I pulled back too far and my cock slipped out of his mouth. Panting, he grabbed the base and murmured, "Ohmigod. I fucking love your dick. It's sooo much bigger than my boyfriends'."

Well, fuck. That's kinda hot. Hell yeah! I didn't allow him to utter another word, and shoved my dick back down his gullet to shut him up. As he sat there taking my cock, I just relaxed and enjoyed his ministrations with a smile. As he sucked, I felt the stirrings start deep in my nuts. It was time. With a grunt that echoed of the walls I started to blow and rammed my cock into his blow-hole as far as I could. I kept it there, allowing it to shoot its volley. I fed him the entire load.

He drank every drop. Willingly. The greedy cum whore.

I'm not really sure if he'd wanted to cum, or expected more action, but I pulled him up, gave him a quick peck on the lips and pointed out that he should leave first since two people leaving a one person latrine was slightly weird. In a hospital. On an army base. Where he worked.

He left.

I quickly closed the door behind him and sat down on the toilette for a moment to catch my breath, enjoying the afterglow of my orgasm and the glorious absence of small talk. Remembering my shenanigans at the Harry Potter movie, I pulled out a pen and left my mark on the wall. Looking at my handiwork, I smiled, put my still dripping cock into my briefs, 2xist Soy today thank you, and left.

Considering I had a sexual lull last month, this month seems to be picking up. Not bad, I'm almost into the teens.

If I could get service like that every time I had to come here, I'd reconsider my feelings on cumming to Madigan!


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Nick said...

Dude! I saw your blog over the weekend its pretty hot. I work at madigan and saw this on the latrine and snapped a picture. fucking hot man!

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