Monday, July 30, 2007

Weekend of Sexual Indulgence, II

Jon was early. 2 minutes and 12 seconds early, to be exact. But I wasn't counting. Really. Much.

Fine, I was horny as fuck and wanted to sink my cock into hole.

The knock on the door at 20:42:48 was a bit timid, almost uncertain. I walked to the door, cock semi-hard and flopping against my legs, and opened it. His hand was raised as if he was about to knock again, and he looked a bit taken aback that I was standing, door fully open, naked with my cock rapidly hardening. Fuck, I didn't care. I was focused on only one thing.

I smiled at him after a moment and asked, "So, did you actually want to come in?" He stammered out a yes, still clearly taken aback, offered a smile and crossed the threshold.

His ass was mine. Now I just had to claim it.

We wasted no further words on talk. As soon as I turned back around, I picked him up from behind and carried him to the bed. I tossed him onto the king-sized bed, a queen is too small for my frame, and proceeded to strip off his clothes. I was impressed at the closeness between his pictures on Manhunt and what I was seeing in reality. He was maybe an inch shorter than he claimed, I'd peg him around 5'7", but had a beautiful body. A cross between a gymnast and a swimmer's build. He had the classic Aryan coloring, blond hair, blue eyes, and a slight tan that served to offset his coloring a bit, which gave him a surfer boy appeal. Great tone, perfect size for his frame, he had just a smattering of hair leading from mid belly down to his groin in a thin trail. Perfect.

It was a trail I wanted to explore. In depth.

I groped my way down his body, tossing his pants carelessly to the side, wincing when the light went as the the lamp I'd knocked over burnt out, and swallowed his 6.5" cock in a single gulp. It had good girth, was cut, and perfectly straight. All in all, it was a pretty nice dick. With my body covering his, my drooling cock smashed up against his face, I felt his mouth open and begin to tongue probe for my dick. I lifted up my groin a bit, allowing him to get a mouthful, and started to slowly pump his mouth.

I let go of his cock with my mouth and moaned as his throat finally, truly, opened up and slid my cock in. He giggled, as much as one can with 9" of cock snaked down a throat, as my trimmed pubes brushed up against the underside of his nose. Starting to gag, he tried to scoot down the bed to let some cock out of his mouth. I held him by the shoulders, kept my cock in place and slowly began to fuck his mouth. Slow, gentle, easy strokes.

I felt the tension go out of his shoulders as we fell into a rhythm, enjoying the feeling of his hands kneading my ass as he began to really get into it. I love head, but I don't actually cum from it. Or, rather, I do very, very rarely. So, while I enjoyed his superb cock-sucking skills, it was for something else that I was truly looking forward to.

I withdrew my cock from his lips and in one motion, picked up his 150 pound frame, and turned him over so that his ass was up in the air. I started alternatively licking and slapping his ass, allowing his beautiful, white bubble ass to turn a rosy red. Every sharp smack of my hand, I watched his body quiver, my free hand wrapped around his cock and feeling it spasm in time to my slaps. He moaned in pain; he writhed in pleasure.

This kid was hot, no question about it. Beautiful body, great face, talented all around, I didn't want to waste my enjoying his hole by loosening him up. Nay, I wanted him tight, taut and squirming. In pleasure, of course. Yes...pleasure. Hmm.

I rolled on the waiting condom with one hand, while my other hand pulled his meaty cheeks apart. Exposed, quivering to the air was a perfect, hairless pucker. Clean and tight, I could tell from his cocksucking that he knew what he was doing, but from the look of his hole wasn't a total cum dumpster bottom whore. Excellent. After all, some dudes' holes you see and you just know they're wrecked; a loose, ugly mass of flesh that couldn't get donkey off. None of that shit here!

I pumped two squirts of Gunoil into my palm, slathered it onto my condom clad cock, and put the head against his rosebud. I felt him take a breath, but before he could finish inhaling, I rammed it in. Hard.

Apparently, that gave the cue for the rodeo, because he reared up so fast that he nearly threw me off the bed. As it was, I had a hard enough time holding him down, half of my cock lodged in him. He struggled a bit, trying to squirm away, but I held him underneath me. Cock slowly, but surely, slipping bit by bit deeper into his hole as he lay there pinned.

I could tell when the pain really stopped, his breathing steadied, and the squirming changed to a slowly increasing thrust of his ass backwards to meet the cock worming its way in and out of his hole. Taking that as a good sign, I gripped his shoulders tight and plunged the last 3 inches or so up his hole. He shuddered a bit, but like a good bottom, took it like a man. Quietly.

Good boy.

I got up onto my knees and pulled him into a half doggie position. With both hands, I had his ass cheeks spread, and stared entranced at the sight of my shaft disappearing into this beautiful mound of an ass. The slapping sounds of my groin and balls against his ass filled the room, along with his increasingly vocal pleas for me to rail the fuck out of him. A plea I heartily obliged.

I picked him up and carried him to the wall, leaning him against it. The pressure he could apply backwards, pushing off the wall, allowed the hardest, roughest rhythm that his body and hole could handle.

I fucked him for over an hour that first time. His tight hole, goddammit, continuously forced me to slowdown, if not completely stop, to keep from cumming. It was worth it. When I had him missionary, feet behind his ears as I rammed my cock up his chute, I felt the irrevocable feeling of my load rising from my nuts. Mashing my mouth against his, tongue demanding, mouth taking, I blew my wad into the rubber as I stuck my cock in deep enough to clean his tonsils.

Ahhhh. Fuuuck yes.

As I lay there, panting a bit, kissing him, I realized he hadn't cummed. Hadn't even jacked off.

Eh. He could do that in round two.

Originally, Jon had said he only had an hour and a half to fuck. I ended up fucking him three times, his tortured, now puffy ass lips finally staggered out of my room at 23:46. Three hours later.

God, I'm good.

Three loads, 2 pints of sweat, and a beer whiz later, I was considerably more dehydrated than when I'd started. Easy fix. I cracked open another two beers.

While I worked on re-hydrating myself, I felt my cock twitching. Jon was a hot fuck, to be sure, but I had still wanted to fuck and he hadn't been able to take it. I needed more hole.

Time to call Jason.

Picking up my phone, I brought up the recent calls section, selected his number and hit dial. It didn't even finish ringing before I heard a breathless, "Hello??". I didn't bother with small talk. "Dude. I'm drunk. And horny. You gonna put out or what?"

37 seconds later I was once again leaning back on the bed, naked, waiting for a guy to come over and bring me his hole. I thought, briefly, about tidying up the evidence of my previous fuck, but decided against it. Between the lingering and unmistakable smell of sex still in the air, to the lube stains all over the bed, there was no covering up what had just happened. Might as well embrace it.

When I heard the knock, I rose from the bed and headed for the door. Once again, I threw it open, not caring about who was on the other side and could see my naked ass. The reaction, however, was quite different. Where Jon had been nervous and stammered, Jason gave me a cool, almost professional up and down stare and then walked forward into the room with out a word.

Well. Someone thought high of himself. As I closed the door, he turned around, studying me again, and simply said, "So, you were busy earlier because you had to fuck some other dude. That's classy."

Yeah. My opinion of Jason was rapidly decreasing. Fortunately, judging from the rather noticeable tent forming in his pants, whether or not he approved of what I had done before hand, his body still liked what stood before him. It knew one thing: hot, naked, hung top 2 feet away. Spread. Legs. Now.

It was my job to help that desire along.

Before he could blink, I was on him. Hands pinning his arms to his side, I lifted him up, and laid him out on the bed. A bit taller than Jon, about 5'10" but with a slimmer, leaner build, a shock of brown hair and a set of pale gray eyes, his body fit well against mine, his weight easy to toss around. And I did.

Within a minute I had his lean body naked, ass up, spread out before me. Just as I had done with Jon, I didn't waste time on loosening up his allegedly all-top virgin hole, but rather looked forward to possibly plucking his cherry hole untouched by tongue or fingers.

He tensed considerably when he realized what was going on, his cheeks clamping together as I tried to probe with my cock. Frustrated, I smacked his ass. Hard. Judging by his grunt, it was harder than I'd intended. Guess that was one beer too many. Oh well.

His cheeks loosened a bit, and getting a bit grip, I spread them apart as far as possible. My cockhead now against his hole, the room itself seemed to hold its breath in anticipation. Fuck if I cared. I stabbed down as hard as I could, wanting to break through the ring first try. Hmm...judging from the vise-like grip of his hole and the ensuing fight he put up, maybe he hadn't been lying about the top-only thing. Shit.

Too late now.

With about a third of my dick up his hole, I tried to hold on. Jason wasn't screaming, but he definitely made his discomfort known with a litany of "holy fuck, stop" and "take it out, goddamit". I tried to hold on, but the strength of his writhing was enough to nearly knock me loose. Frustrated, and beginning to get irritated, I finally put a stop to his bullshit. Putting all my weight on my cock and groin, holding myself up on my elbows, I punched the mattress about two inches to the right of his head and then again with the other hand on the other side. Fists holding me up, each one mere inches from his head, his protests suddenly decreased. A lot.

Oops. I was just repositioning, that's all. I swear.

What began as a weird fuck, finished the same way. I never really got into it, and while I loved the fact that I robbed him of his cherry that night, it was nowhere near as hot as plowing the little swimmer/gymnast.

Oh well.

At least I wouldn't have difficulty walking in the morning. Hah!

So, that was Friday night...


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The Average Joe said...

damn, bet that guy is never gonna get his hole fucked again. tops needn't bother with getting fucked man, bottoms got natural pussies for it.

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