Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Fæder ure, þu þe eart on heofonum...


For my long time readers, you know that I have what used to be the ultimate homo phone (a RAZR). Unfortunately, the thing sucks. I mean, yes it’s slim, and for awhile, was the cool thing to pull out of your pocket and be seen with. That was the upside.

The downside, I found, was that the phone itself was slow, taking forever to move between menus. The battery life was horrible, the reception less than great, the feel of the buttons were horrible, and, to top it off, it could hold very few numbers/names and text messages. How the fuck am I supposed to ho around if I can't store stuff in my fucking phone???

I finally caved.

For those of you living under a rock, and therefore missed the announcement, Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple, just announced a price reduction for the iPhone. I couldn't force myself to spend $634.22 (the cost of the 8gb model with military discount), but I could damn well force myself to spend $324 and change on the now discontinued 4gb model.

I just got it!

The phone is a-fucking-mazing. It is going to completely revolutionize my sex life! Now I can access any site, any e-mail account, anything, anywhere and easily at that. It’s great, gets tons of ooo's and ahh's and I've already transferred some hot porn onto it as well.

So, I give the iPhone two big-Dicks up!

On a separate note...

I wrote the day before yesterday that I worked on improving my Interservice relationships. Which was very true. And I did, as I related with Josh. I don't love him, 3 weeks is a bit fast to jump to that, but definitely interested in him… but I still ended up doing two other dudes.

While I'm not a fan of the Army in general, they are too beaucracy bound and large to do things efficiently or well, a hot specialist (the army rank title for pay grade E-4) was in a tent 3 down from me. Even better, he sat right next to me in the TOC, where we both worked.

He was taller than Josh, about 6' even, brown hair, hazel eyes and maybe 170 or so. He was not ripped like Josh (I mean, seriously, I've never seen anyone in real life who is), but he had a nicely toned body with some really hot tattoos. His uniform, even better, jutted out from his backside due to a nice big bubble butt.

I spent almost all of my free time with Josh, and when we weren’t hanging out or fucking the shit out of him, I was at work. Fortunately, work meant I was next to this cute specialist.

I chatted him up over the weeks, learning a lot about him. Where he grew up, what he did for fun, etc. Neither of us had very busy jobs in the TOC, so most of our time was spent bullshitting, when he wasn't chasing one of the better looking chics there. He was cute, but not on the team.


Or so I thought.

It wasn't until 3 days before we were scheduled to go back to the AFB and fly back stateside that I realized he was far from totally straight.

I'd just finished fucking Josh, this time managing to stay fairly clean doing it. He, the poor guy, was exhausted and elected to go back to the tent and crash. I still wanted a shower, so I grabbed my shit and went up to the bathhouse.

It was 0330 or so and it was, again, completely empty. I heard the shower running, but figured it was just left on. I got naked, grabbed my soap and face wash and went in.

Inside, rock hard, eyes closed, facing the wall and jerking off was the specialist.


I moved as quietly as I could, sneaking up behind him, pausing about 2 feet away before saying loudly "Having fun, eh?"

He nearly jumped out of his skin.

He turned, a nice 7" cock rapidly shrinking as he moved, face scarlet with mortification. He looked like he wanted to crawl into the floor.

I'd rather he did something else.

"Shit. Mike. Um. I didn't know anyone was here. I mean. I was, uh. Mike..."

I laughed. "Relax Ray, I'm not going to tell anyone I saw you yanking your crank. Shit, I like showering up here late at night for the same reason," I told him smiling. To prove my point, I grabbed my now semi-hard cock and started to stroke.

Slowly. Very, very slowly, using the whole of my fist from base past the head and down again. Porn style.

I stood there, staring him in the eye, slowly stroking my rock hard cock, which I'd thought was done for the night as I just pumped two loads into Josh, waiting for him to react.

He swallowed, looking nervous, and then looked down. His eyes went wide when he saw my cock, red, swollen and lonely. I don't thinking he realized it, but the tip of his tongue touched his upper lip in a hungry gesture.

That was all I needed.

I let go of my cock, reached out and took ahold of him by the shoulders. Unresisting, he went slowly to his knees, kissing my pecs, my belly button, and finally swallowing my cock as he went.

Fuck yeah.

He was a pretty goddamn good cock sucker, he never gagged and he took my dick until his nose was buried in my pubes. Fuck, it was amazing!

One hand gripping my ass, the other juggling my nuts, he went to town.

I didn't mind a bit.

I just stood there, hot water spraying down on us, both of my hands now on his head and started to really fuck his throat. He tilted back a bit, opening up the back of his gullet and I just plowed his pie hole like I would an ass. Hard. Fast. Deep.

I looked down at him, kneeling there on the stone floor of the shower, eyes closed, face happy as he slopped my cock and almost stopped him. I was so, sooooo very tempted to spin him around, plunge my cock into his hole, and pump it full of my seed.

Having been with Josh, starting to care for him and breeding him daily... I couldn't bring myself to do that to another guy.


Apparently that was all I needed to start going soft. As in limp. Although, this bullshit emotion thing was starting to make me feel a creampuff, too.

God fucking damnit, I'm not supposed to feel bad about fucking hot guys!


Sensing that something was up, as my cock started to go slightly limp, Ray redoubled his efforts. The increased pressure, sucking and added hand did what I thought wouldn't happen. With a grunt, I rammed my cock down his throat and fed him my third load of the day.

As I stood there, cock drained, quickly going limp in his mouth, I felt conflicted. It was a damn good blowjob, and I definitely appreciated it, but I felt bad hooking up with someone who wasn’t Josh. Which, considering Josh and I were simply hookups and nothing serious, was ridiculous.

This is why I just fuck and stay away from the dating shit. It just complicates things.

I didn't wait to see what Ray wanted or thought, I grabbed my shit, wanting to get out of the shower fast and went back to the changing area.

I wasn't followed.

I dried off, brushed my teeth and left before Ray even came out.

I didn't see him the next day on shift, and the last day of the exercise was spent sitting next together (fucking assigned seating) in stony silence.

He's a nice guy... but he's no Josh.

Oh well.


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