Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Lessons in Writing, 101

So, it typically isn't my style to insult my readers. I mean, you, my readers, are the purpose that I spend the time to do this. Other than the Prude post I did with the asshole whose opinions and irritating condescension, I have mostly enjoyed hearing and reading the replies from ya'll.

That said, there have been/are a few others (about 5 all told) who make constant comments (that I do not choose to post) and send me hate mail and/or e-mails of extremely graphic, persistent, begging nature. Guys: Don't beg. Ever. I don't care how hot the cock is, how young and ripped the hole is, it just is not worth your dignity. Plus, its a complete fucking turn off. If you want a "masculine top who is a man's man" and you beg worse than a virgin bitch on prom night...yeah, that type of guy isn't going to be turned on by it. Lord knows, I'm sure as fuck not.

So, this guy was one of my first readers. He started out very cool, yet over time the hints of "you're a great guy, not my type and not really looking off here bro" were mistranslated by him into "I need you, please, let me fuck you now."

So Jay, here is to you. I don't know how else to say it, so you now have your own post all about you.

Cheers bud!

*****Begin Message*****

I have talked to you for a while now and so one of these days this will come true. I want you to show up at my house and knock on my door...i want you to push your way into my house and when the door is closed i want you to lock your lips on mine. I dont want you to hold back so i grab your hand and help u rub on my cock. Then i take my hand and run it down your pants and grab your rock hard cock. We make out for a little while till u push my head down to your cock and make me lick it through your pants. Then you open my pants and ram your finger in my hot hole! i lube u up really well with my spit so that when i take your cock into my ass it slides right in. At first you moan pretty loud and i make u aware there is some pain but u force it in neway and fuck me bare, hard and good. So good that you moan and tell me you want more, and u take it. I stroke on my cock while u fuck my ass and u keep telling me to take your load! I take you in every position i can and you make it hurt hard and good!

u game?


*****End Message*****

Jay... sorry bud, but there is not a snowballs chance in hell that I will ever have sex with you.

Allow me, please, to detail why:

1) I do not care for guys significantly older than myself, sexually. I told you before I think you are a great guy, and being friends was no problem, but you couldn't do that. You're 15 years my senior; not my thing. Deal with it.

2) I work out, hard, and take pains to be in both good health as well as good shape. I am not a chubby chaser. You haven't seen a gym or a non fast food restaurant in a decade, at least. Not healthy. Can we say, diabetes?

3) Not a bear fan; bears are in Zoos. It's called a r-a-z-o-r. I don't mind body hair, not usually my thing, but you are a gorilla.

4) I am NOT, NOOOOT, looking to have bareback sex with someone I meet off the internet. I am not looking to have bb sex, period. If you are, I'll give you my commisseration now for your impending positive HIV test.

5) You live in Louisianna. Why the hell would I EVER go to Louisiana for sex???

6) You are clingy. Which you told me yourself. Never a good thing.

7) You write at a third grade level. Your conversation is even worse. I am not looking to fuck someone who can't add three to nineteen. Its just a turnoff.

And 8) I hate smoking! Bleh.

Anyway, I'm sorry that I had to resort to doing it this way. Unfortunately, no or not interested seems to have not been received. So, one last blunt time: I AM NOT INTERESTED.

More to come tomorrow guys,


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Tommy said...

I can hear jay now ... "Wow! he really likes me or he wouldn't take all that time to write about me."
Sorry TM ... Nice try but sadly these guys NEVER get it!! ;-)

Anonymous said...





Stephen said...

hey man. ignore the hate mail. I get tons. I got a long list of blocked emai address's. Your's will grow. ;)

And great blog. About time I corssed linked you. Welcome to the blogsphere. I know, I'm a little late with that welcome.


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