Friday, September 14, 2007

Out of Many, One

It's Friday. All I can really say to that is thank the gods. Holy shit.

In favor of getting back to basics and faithfully describing the exciting aspects of my trip, I've written nothing about life since I've been back. Or about anything, really, outside of sex.

Back to the real world...

I've been back since the first of September, and came home to quite a mess.

I had piles of bills, junk mail, a very pissed off pooch, and the fun time of getting back into my routine at the gym.

Blah. Blah I say unto you.

I wish I could say that they found someone else to do my job while I was gone...but all that happened is that I came back to find a shit load of things to do, all with suspense’s either passed or rapidly approaching.

How's that for a fucking "welcome back".

I've been spending most of my free time hitting the gym, talking with Josh (I'm not whipped, but just enjoy talking to him... yes...that's it). I've spent a few days with Zane and the rest of the guys, gone out drinking, and hanging out in general.

Nothing really too surprising going on.

I've managed to meet up with a regular fuck and a new fuck since I've been back... nothing really outside the mainstream. The regular is average in just about every way: average looks, average skills in the sack, average quality fuck, nothing special but nothing bad. In his favor, he has eagerness and extreme reliability; having someone willing to drop anything and head over at any time has definite advantages.

The new guy looked like his pictures...mostly. It was one of those situations where you know the guy who shows up is the guy in the pic, but not nearly as hot. I mean, people DO take good pictures, and no one uses bad pictures of themselves. So, I was a bit disappointed in his looks, and while he wasn't the worst hole I’ve been with in the sack, he wasn't great. Definitely sub-par. I like bottoms who let me know they enjoy what I'm doing, either getting vocal or moving around, who get aggressive, who DO something. He was a complete limp fish, letting out maybe a moan. I think.

So, I made it quick, showed him the door and closed it before he could ask or say something. Meh.

I beat off twice later that night over the cam with Josh. I told him about both guys (I'm comfortable enough to do that, although I didn't mention the Navy boy on the plane), and he mentioned how he'd hooked up with a regular top. Apparently that would be the last time as he had screamed my name mid fuck and the guy was less than appreciative about it.

Hell, I don't know what his problem is, I think it's fucking hot!

Maybe I'm just biased...

I'm considering what to do tonight... From Wednesday afternoon till now I've received about 17 different messages from new and old fucks wanting to meet up tonight or tomorrow.

I'm not really in the mood for a sex-rampage, but maybe picking one and having a quick romp will be good.

Hmm... Decisions, decisions.


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