Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Interservice Relations: A How to Guide on Establishing Ties

So. It was 2426, or 0026 depending on your preference, when we made it back to the LSA. Most guys were having "dinner", the evening meal being served in the mess tent. As much as the slop being called "oriental chicken with rice" appealed to me, I had USDA Grade AAA+ prime beefy Air Force ass panting for my cock.

I was rather inclined to accede to that desire.

The tent was lit up as the Black shift had left and none of the Gold shift guys had yet gone to bed. I went straight for my bunk area, pulled out my running clothes, changing as quickly as I could. I grabbed a tiny gym bag/back pack that I used and stuck a poncho and a blanket inside. I glanced over to Josh's cot, and it looked like he was possessed; he was trying to put on a tank top while simultaneously put on his socks. He teetered, lost his balance and fell over.

We were the only two in the tent, so I walked over, picked him up, squeezing his hot bubble ass as I did, and whispered, "enough games stud, get that fucking hole moving," and gave him a slow teasing kiss before I turned back to my preparations.

If he was spastic before, it only got worse now. I'm not sure which was better; how badly he wanted it, or how funny it was to watch him get ready.

Soon we were both dressed, and with my bag over my shoulder, we left the tent and moved out of the LSA. We didn't talk, didn't waste the time. As soon as we hit the road, we broke out into a run. Shit, at that moment you could have signed both of us up for the Olympic team. We passed the second mile and began to get into the remote area I ran to yesterday. I didn't have a specific point in mind, rather I figured I'd know something when I saw it.

It was a clear night, and at this time no one else was out. I saw a bit of a trail through the brush off to our left, and without hesitation, steered us there. We slowed to a walk as we entered the tree line and began to hunt for a place.

Guys in the military, you know what happens when you're on a camp, base, post, whatever, and you go into the woods. Training uses much of an installation and you always find leftovers. About 200 yards from the road, we came upon what looked like graves; they were, in reality, the filled in remnants of foxholes (fighting positions).

I figured this was more than fitting.

I opened my bag, took out the poncho and spread it out over the mound. I then removed the blanket, using it for a bit of cushioning, and turned to Josh.

The horny bastard was standing there, naked, wearing nothing but his running shoes. That and a grin from ear to ear.

I grabbed his hand, pulled him close and kissed him. This time, I didn't let up.

I probed every tiny bit of his mouth with my tongue, our spit swapping back and forth. He turned out to be a bit of an aggressive little bottom slut, trying to invade my mouth. I let him for a minute, acquiescing as our tongues sparred, giving ground to him. While we tongue wrestled, I moved my hands all over his body.

Fuck, was he hot! There was not a bit of fat on him. Everything was firm to the touch, from his pecs to his thighs and most especially his ass. I could feel his nipples digging into my skin, standing out like stone peas on his chest. His cock was rock hard, stabbing me in the groin and leaking more precum than I've ever seen flow from a guy. I paused in our kiss to stare and make sure he hadn't actually cum, there was so much of it.

It was humid out. Our bodies were slick and covered in sweat from the run, and getting sweatier by the minute.

I couldn't stand it.

I'd gone a week without ass, the foreplay and kissing stuff, which I greatly enjoy, could come later. At that moment, I needed hole.

I picked him up and at the same time dropped down to my knees. If the impact on the earth was a bit jarring for me, it was very jarring for him. It didn't quite knock the wind out of him, but it certainly gave him pause.

As I picked him up, he instinctually wrapped his legs around my waist, likely thinking I was going to hold him and make out. So, he lay there on his back, dazed, legs around my waist, with me kneeling, cock against his ass.

That was all I needed.

Between my precum, our sweat, and his precum, I didn't worry about lube. Quite frankly, had I been dry, I still wouldn't have worried about lube.

At that moment, there was only one thing I cared about, and it was getting inside Josh. Fast.

So I did.

Using my thumbs I spread his cheeks, shifted my hips a bit and stabbed. Hard.

I've never wanted to be inside a guy so fast, so badly as I did right then. Between the lack of sex, and the hot fighter pilot jock spread before me, I couldn't control it. I speared him on all 9" in one fucking push.

All he did was grunt.

Holy fucking shit.

If you've been reading my blog for awhile, you'll remember Chris, the construction worker I had a thing for but lives in Wyoming (see blog post "The Morning After Pill"). Beyond the fact that Chris was hot, had an amazingly tight ass, he was also the last guy I'd fucked bare.

Shit, had I been missing out.

Chris, tighter than some of the virgins I've been inside, had NOTHING on Josh. I've never in my life been inside any hole, man or woman, that was as tight as this kids pucker. It wasn't just that half inch firm grip you get just from the sphincter around your cock; it was a tight, moist, hot vise that ran the entire length of my tool. It was absolutely amazing.

Scared that I'd cum if I moved an inch, I held it there. I stared down at him, and the look on my face must have been interesting, 'cuz the little shit started to laugh.

He pulled me down, giving me a sloppy wet kiss as my cock pulsed inside him, wanting to explode. The kiss ended and he just whispered, "I'm good, stud."

Cocky, arrogant little fucking shit.

So, I wiped the smile of his face.

Fingers pinching his nips, hard, I put my weight against the back of his knees with my shoulders, pushing his legs back and exposing more of his hole. I shifted my hips, angling my cock to stab upwards and began to pound. He lay there, mouth going wide, hands gripping my biceps hard enough to make me wince, as I rammed him. I knew right where his button was, and while he was tight and knew how to work his hole, it was pretty obvious he had never had a hung power top who knew how to really use a bottom go at him.

It lasted about a minute.

Usually the bottoms tease tops for exploding too fast.

This was not the case, here.

Between the nipples and my merciless pounding of his prostate, Josh couldn't last. His head tilted back and he screamed. "HOLY FUCK, I'M GONNA CUM!"

And cum he did.

He fucking exploded; no other word covers it. The first few spurts went past his head, landing somewhere in the dirt. The next several landed on his forehead, cheeks and chin, before the orgasm began to slow and he covered most of his chest and abs in his goo.

He wasn't the only one.

If he was tight before, his orgasm tightened it tenfold. As soon as his fuck-hole clamped down on my dick I got one more thrust before I came. I filled that boy up to his fucking tonsils with my cum. I fucked him bare, bred him and didn't give a shit. All that mattered at that moment was making him take every last tadpole I had in my nuts.

It was the single most powerful orgasm I've ever had in my life. It almost hurt.

It was incredible.

I collapsed on Josh, cum splashing down the sides of his chest, both of us panting. I lay there looking into those grayish-green eyes and smiled.

"Mike. That... Shit. I don't know WHAT that was. I've heard tops claim to be able to make bottoms cum just from fucking...but I've never really believed it. Fuck!" he said.

Fuck indeed.

I didn't say anything, I just lay there, my cock going semi hard inside him, my cum leaking out of his hole slowly, forming a growing puddle beneath us.

I've never seen so much sperm from just two orgasms. It was everywhere.

Fuck, that was hot!

We lay there for awhile, silent, me on top, him beneath, and just stared at each other.

I could tell, from the look he had, he was pulling a Chris. By that, I meant, getting attached.

The problem was, I couldn't say I wasn't either.

Goddamnit. I find a hot guy, a fighter pilot jock stud boy, easily the best ass I've ever been in, I fuck him bare our first time and have the best sex of my life, and I get a whole three weeks to spend with him before I go back to the Seattle area and he goes back to the East coast.


With that thought I sighed. Loudly. He looked at me with a "Is something wrong?" look on his face, but I just smiled. If I only had three more weeks, I needed to make sure I enjoyed it.

The thought got me hard.

I lowered my head and kissed his mouth.

Last time I'd railed him and abused his hole. Now I focused on pleasuring us both, moving my cock in circular motions to hit everywhere inside his cum-sloppy asshole while thrusting slowly into him.

We didn't make it back to the LSA until 0545. And then we still had to shower.

We looked like something out of a horror movie; hair stuck up from dried cum, bits of dirt and brush stuck everywhere, it was disgusting.

It was fucking hot!

Luckily no one was awake. We grabbed our shower stuff and went to the bathhouse. It was empty; even the native there to take names was gone. We undressed, got into the shower, and washed each other off.

It wasn't a great idea, with open showers and all, but I couldn't resist picking him up, thrusting him against the wall, and sinking my cock into him one last time for the night.

Judging by how he panted, moaned and eagerly took load number six, I think he wanted it too. Just a little.

I spent every day for the next three weeks inside Josh. We never went at it that long again, it was almost 0700 by the time we made it to our racks, but not a day went by with him not carrying at least two of my loads inside of him.

I don't condone bareback sex... lord knows there is enough stuff out there to catch, but I trusted Josh, and sometimes, with a guy like that, you just have to say fuck it.

Josh was the hottest guy I've ever had the pleasure to fuck, and more than that, the little shit took a bit of me with him when we left. We're already planning his visit in 3 weeks, and I plan to spend 95% of that time in him, in bed. Well, mostly in bed.

We'll have to plan an arboretum trip and relive our outdoors fucks sometime...


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wolveriner said...

I am slut and pig but a romantic too. Don't let a hot guy like Josh slip if feelings are mutual.

The Average Joe said...

nail it, keep it:-)

Anonymous said...

are you capable of romance?

Anonymous said...

Dude - You have the best fucking stories. "Top Gun" has nothing over Top Marine & Josh Hole. Fight on.

Grand said...

wow dude you have the hottest sex i've ever heard. i wish i were you lol.

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