Thursday, September 13, 2007

Up, Up and Away

So, I met a hot pilot stud of a man and spent three weeks keeping his hole moist with my cum. I briefly hooked up with a cute Army guy and got blown in the shower, and didn't really talk to again.

That’s two of three.

As the exercise drew to a close, I was pretty bummed. Josh was leaving a few hours before me and headed back to the East coast, and we both knew it would be awhile before we saw each other again. After spending every free moment I'd had for the last 3 weeks with him or inside him, it was a hard thought knowing he would soon not be there.

The day came and went, he almost cried, eyes shining with tears, while I was quiet and gruff. We hugged, he boarded his bus and that was the last I saw of him.

Minus the tons of pics, cams and vids we've exchanged back and forth since then.

At that moment however, even though I was depressed Josh was gone, and facing a sharp decrease in my sex life, things were back on track to be normal. IE, The Way Things Were.

The Army, in its infinite wisdom, chartered a commercial 747 to take us from the AFB back to the local McChord AFB in Washington. Fortunately, the flight was maybe half full; there was tons of room to sprawl out and relax.

I had an entire window row to myself, kept my legs draped out into the aisle, and slept as much as I could, trying not to think about Josh, or what I was going to do when I finally needed sex.

That wasn't long in the coming, it turned out.

The flight was full of people I'd never met before, Army, Navy, AF, and a few other Marines. Some had been at other sites for the exercise, some were flying home on leave or for other assignments. Regardless of why they were there, I knew very few.

Actually, only another Marine with whom I was not on the best of terms.

I got up and went to the bathroom, came back to my seat to find someone sitting in my row.


"Excuse me... but I'm using this row," I told him. The fact that we'd been in the air for 4 hours at that point was a bit odd… I wasn’t sure why he had moved all of the sudden, maybe sitting in the wrong seat by accident?

"Oh, I'm sorry. I just needed to..." he trailed off, then stared out the window.

Great, just what I needed, a nutball.

So I sat down next to him, letting the silence lengthen.

Truth be told, I didn't really mind.

He was shorter than I usually prefer, about 5'7", but adorably cute. He was young, maybe 20 or so, maybe, and had a slight latino look. Or maybe he was just tan. Either way, he was wearing gym shorts that showed legs with sprinter's calves, with a sprinkling of dark hair. Very very hot. His tank top was the equivalent of an upper body G-string, and revealed as much. He had a great chest, no upper body hair at all, and a nice flat, toned belly.

Black hair, brown eyes and a great smile with his left front tooth slightly chipped, and the kid was pretty damn good looking.

So short though.

Anyway, we sat there for awhile, me waiting for him to speak, him just staring out the window. Finally, he turned to me and said in a faint whisper, "I saw you with Ray."

Holy. Fucking. Shit.

Now, I'm not really terrified of being outed... I mean, I wouldn't like it, and I would face a lot of shit before I got processed out from guys at the base, but it didn't scare me in the sense of "oh my god, I'm going to die, what will I do?" sort of way.

That said... it still took me a few minutes to close my mouth and have my stomach make its way back to its normal place in my body.

I opened my mouth two or three times to say something, but it didn't seem to be working. The kid smiled leaned closer, and whispered even more softly, "And I fucking want that cock of yours."

Well, shit. I just got picked up by a hot Navy boy at 37,000 feet.

I was not about to complain.

I got up and headed to the aft latrines. The flight, as I'd said, was empty and as you approached the back of the plane it was emptier still. Everyone in back was asleep, most of them passed out from the amount of liquor they'd had. I opened one of the cubby hole like stalls and held it open.

The kid was right behind me.

We closed the door, I picked him up and we started to kiss. I didn't really know what to expect, but he didn't wait for instructions. As we kissed, my neck hurting from bending so low, he managed to wiggle out of his shorts, leaving them on the floor. I ripped, literally, his torso-thread off his body, and he was standing there butt ass naked for me. And damn, what a sight.

He was definitely extremely toned, and for my biggest surprise, hung not much less than me. A good 8, 8.5. On his shorter frame, it looked more like 10". It was almost comical.

I stood there staring, but I didn't have long, he pulled my t-shirt off, and went to work on my jeans. In a second, I was sitting on the toilette cover, naked, the boy between my legs sucking me off.

Fuck it was hot.

I usually don't cum from head... the night with Ray, as I mentioned, was surprising in that it got me off. This kid... he knew how to treat a big cock. He sucked my load from my balls in less than five minutes.

I don't really know what I was expecting, I mean, he'd blown me, I'd cum, I figured that was it.

No, not quite.

He spit my load out onto my cock and smeared it all over my cock head. I started to ask, "Uh, wha-" are you doing... but I only got part of the question out.

Before I could finish, he'd turned around, aimed my still mostly hard cock at his hole and sat down.


He was tight... not as tight as Josh, I don't think that possible, and not as tight as Chris... I knew I wasn't his first cock, but I wasn’t very high up on the list either.

He sank about half of my cock in before I could tell it was really hurting him, and he started to withdraw.

Fuck that shit, he should have known what was going to happen with a big cock he wasn't used to.

I grabbed him by the shoulders, pushing him down and thrusting up.

I managed to get it all in, but he was definitely fucking squirming to get off. He wasn't screaming, but the noises coming from him were definitely not happy.

I let go of his shoulders, put my arms around his waist and sat there like that, allowing him to get used to it while I kissed his neck.

Slowly, his hole relaxed, he stopped trying to escape and his head lolled to the side as I kissed and licked my way up and down his neck and shoulder.

Fuck yeah, nice hole, mile high club, and a hot boy. What's better than that?

He started the movement again, slowly going up and down on my cock. It didn't take long before I was behind him, standing, him leaning over the toilette, arms before him holding him up. I plowed the holy fuck out of that kid. I don't even think I fucked Josh that hard (well, yeah I did, but still). He took it and was whispering for more. And more he got.

Positions were hard to manage in that place, so I kept him there like that, and just focused on using the hole before me. Cum, for all you perverts out there, doesn't make the best of lube. As the friction increases it starts to get sticky and clumps up, especially with a bigger cock (more area to cover, so it happens faster). I don't know how long I spent fucking his hole, but before long I thrust one last time and blasted my second load up his hole.

Ahhhhhh, fuck thats hot.

As I sat there, post orgasm, I noticed the ropes of cum all over the bathroom wall. Apparently, he'd gotten his nut too.

I stood there, leaning on his back, kissing his neck again, while my mind reeled. I'd been away from Josh for maybe 9 hours, and I had already fucked another dude. Not just that, but I'd fucked him bare, goddamnit, and bred his hole.


I wish I could say that had been it... but it was a 10 hour flight, and we still had a long way to go.

I never learned the Navy boys name, and I never learned how he'd seen Ray and I go at it... I didn't ask, name or how, and he didn't volunteer the information. But wherever his final destination was, whoever he went home to, he went with a load in his stomach, and 4 up his ass.

So, that was my time in the far far away land for almost a month. Yes, I had some decent sex, met some hot guys, and had some fun.

I've since been tested, twice, and so far clean. I have no doubts about Josh, but that boy... can't take too many chances.

That finishes my trip... now I just need to catch up to the guys I've met since I've been home...


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Pete said...

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i would like to send you a photo for the contest. you havent picked a winner and i really think i have a shot.

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Baltimorean said...

omg i think i just died, that was so hot

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